Make Yourselves Scarce: The Effect of Demographic Change on the Relative Wages and Employment Rates of Experienced Workers (with Michael Boehm)

International Economic Review, Volume 62, Issue 4, November 2021, DOI 10.1111/iere.12524
Article at IER, manuscript version, CEPR DP15953

Demographic Change and Regional Labour Markets (with Michael Boehm, Terry Gregory, and Pamela Qendrai)

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Volume 37, No. 1, Spring 2021, pp 113-131, DOI 10.1093/oxrep/graa063
Article at OxREP, manuscript version

Biased Technological Change and Employment Reallocation (with Zsofia Barany)

Labour Economics, Special Issue on Technology and the Labour Market, Volume 67C, December 2020, 101930, DOI 10.1016/j.labeco.2020.101930
Article at Labour Economics, manuscript version
We summarized our findings and their implications in a (nontechnical) VoxEU column (reproduced by the World Economic Forum) and a post on

Engines of Sectoral Labor Productivity Growth (with Zsofia Barany)

Review of Economic Dynamics, Volume 39, January 2021, pp 304-343, DOI 10.1016/
Article at RED, manuscript version
(N.B.: The two papers above jointly supersede a previous paper entitled "Disentangling occupation- and sector-specific technological change" that was circulated as CEPR DP12663)

Job Polarization, Structural Transformation and Biased Technological Change (with Zsofia Barany)

Travail et Emploi, Issue 157, October 2019, Special Issue on Polarization(s) in Labor Markets, pp 25-44, DOI 10.4000/travailemploi.8996
Article at Travail et Emploi

Job Polarization and Structural Change (with Zsofia Barany)

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Volume 10, No. 1, January 2018, pp 57-89, DOI 10.1257/mac.20150258
Complimentary Access at AEJ:Macro, manuscript version
The AEA featured some data from the paper in their Chart of the Week (commencing 15 Jan 2018).
The Guardian featured some of the findings in an article on Sunday 20 August 2017; see here. They were also covered in the Japan Economic News.

Female Relative Wages, Household Specialization and Fertility

Review of Economic Dynamics, Volume 24, March 2017, pp 152-174, DOI 10.1016/
Open Access at RED, manuscript version, online appendix

Capital Taxes, Labor Taxes and the Household (with Rigas Oikonomou)

Journal of Demographic Economics, Volume 81, Issue 03, September 2015, pp 217-260, DOI 10.1017/dem.2015.7
Complimentary Access at JODE, manuscript version
We summarized our paper in a Cambridge Core blog post.

Working Papers

Routine-biased Technical Change, Structure of Employment, and Cross-country Income Differences (with Werner Pena)

March 2023, CEPR DP18366

Technology Adoption and Skills: A Pilot Study of Kent SMEs (with Catherine Robinson and Sisi Liao)

KDPE 2114 (December 2021)

Work in Progress

Skill mix and skill premia at the firm level (with Michael Boehm and Georg Graetz)

Structural Change and Business Cycles (with Kellie Forrester and Rish Singhania)

The Decline of the Labour Share and the Structure of Employment (with Zsofia Barany and Aseem Patel)