Current Modules

from Jan 2018 EC882 Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics (PhD), University of Kent
since Oct 2017 EC805 Advanced Macroeconomics (MSc), University of Kent
since Jan 2017 EC534 Economics of Money and Banking (2rd year BSc), University of Kent

Previous Teaching


Sep. 2013 -
Dec. 2015
BEE2026 Macroeconomics II (2rd year BA/BSc), University of Exeter
Jan. 2013 -
Mar. 2016
BEE3057 Labour Economics (3rd year BA), University of Exeter
Sep. 2012 -
Nov. 2012
BEE1034 Economics for Management (1st year BA), University of Exeter

Class Teaching

Oct. 2011 -
June 2012
EC413 Macroeconomics for MSc Students, LSE
Aug. 2011 Macroeconomics Summer Programme (Solving, Estimating & Analysing Macroeconomic Models), LSE
Jan. 2011 -
Feb. 2011
EC442 Macroeconomics for MRes/PhD Students, LSE
Teaching Evaluation
July 2009,
2010, 2011
EC202 Intermediate Macroeconomics, LSE Summer School
Oct. 2008 -
June 2011
EC210 Macroeconomic Principles (2nd year BSc), LSE
Teaching Evaluation
Oct. 2005 -
Apr. 2006
ECO 100 Introduction to Economics (1st year BSc), University of Toronto
Oct. 2003 -
July 2005
Tutorials for Macroeconomics I and II (1st year Diplom), University of Mannheim